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Forum Rules

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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 1476 times)
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« on: March 24, 2008, 09:04:32 am »

1. Rules

The following is a list of general rules we ask everyone to follow, to keep this forum decent and friendly, yet fun at the same time. Please take your time to read through all of them. If you have a question, feel free to PM a staff member. If you break these rules, you will get a warning, or a big warning, depending on the rule that was broken. Please read the second post in this topic for more information about warnings and how to report rule violations. We ask all members to report rule violations.

Respect other members on the board.
Do not insult, flame, bash or in any other way act rude towards any other member of this board. Members are entitled to have their own opinions. Also do not use any discriminating words that has to do with any persons; age, sex, religion, race or colour.

Duplicate accounts are not allowed.
You are not allowed to create duplicate (dupe) accounts for the same person. You only need one account, no more. You are allowed to make more accounts for members in your family though, however, bans, whether temporary or permanent, may be added to all accounts. If you have a valid reason to only have one of the accounts of your IP banned (i.e. Your brother wanted to get you banned.), then contact a staff member. We will look into it, but because of abuse, we cannot promise you will get your account back. If you created an account that was put into the Validating usergroup, that means you are too young to be legally allowed on these boards. You must be over the age of 13 to participate here. If you register an account that is Validating and then create a new account, that is creating multiple accounts and possibly banevasion. You are evading a ban on people under the age of 12. Your new account will be banned if you try this.

Spamming is not allowed.
Spamming is making topics or posts that are either off-topic or in general have nothing to do with anything at all. In simple terms, it is everything that doesn't make sense, or should not belong in the specific topic/board.

No swearing
You are not allowed to swear. Trying to bypass the filter will result in a warning.

No pornography
You may not post links, images, stories, or any other medium that contains pornography.

English Only
English is the official language of these forums. You are not allowed to make topics in another language, as in that case the staff cannot check what is written. We do not want insults towards our members or inappropriate discussions to pass us through another language, so please use only English.

Search before posting
Please use the Search Engine to find answers to your questions or topics about the same subject you want to discuss.
If you find a topic about the subject you want to discuss, please use that topic instead of making a new one. If the engine returns no results, feel free to make a new post.

Use the report button properly
Abuse of the report function will get you a warning. For more information, read the second post in this topic.

Avoid double posting
Unless this is done in the Fan Fiction areas, no one should double post (or any number higher than that). Double posting is making a post and then making another post without someone else posting in between. It's one user making at least two posts in a row. Doing this at least twice is what results in double posting. Doing this more than twice (at least three posts in a row and above) is known as multiple posting.

[your post], followed by [your post], followed by [your post] any number of times = double/multiple posting and will result in a warning.
[your post], followed by (Someone else's post), followed by [your post] = not double posting and breaks no rules.

Software Piracy
No linking to any ****, serial codes and cracks, or other software and file sharing programs. You are also not allowed to discuss where to download them.

Do not post anything regarding Roms, links to roms, suggestions on where to get them, or anything in general having to do with roms. Here is a list about what not to put in your posts.

1. ROMs
2. Emulators
3. ROM tools
4. Any Tools that require a ROM to use.
5. Links/uploads to any rom, emulators, or rom tools.

Do not even mention them. If people want to know how you made some map or something, and you made it with anything regarding the above things, do not mention where you found it. It is against the rules, and me or any other moderators will remove(Or close any topic) any mention of them if we see them.

Do not ask for hacks
Asking for hacks or exploits for Pokémon Crater, Aaron's websites or any other website/online game is a serious violation. You are also not allowed to supply hacks or exploits either. In fact, that's even worse then asking for them.

Do not ask about banned members
To protect the member's (or any banned member's) own privacy, the details of their ban are not made public. The details of the ban are between the banned user and the staff. No further information will be disclosed.

Avatars & Signatures
Avatars and signatures from another user may not be used without permission. If someone stole your signature/avatar, contact a moderator. Overly big signatures will be asked to be taken down. Big signatures, are per definition signatures that break the limit. You can find the limit in the third post of this topic.

Signature links
You may not mislead people into clicking links inside your signature. This means that saying things along the lines of "Click here to get a free Pokemon." or other messages that are not true in order to trick people into clicking your link is not allowed. People who do say this in their signatures will be requested to edit them out. Links in signatures may not lead to inappropriate content either.

No advertising
You are not allowed to create topics asking people to visit your website or to click your link so you may earn referral points on another website. When in doubt, do not post a link. If you want people to see your site, add a link to your signature and ask people to visit it. Those who create topics to advertise will have the topic locked, the URL removed, and will receive a warning. Advertising is not allowed by PM either. You cannot PM a member saying 'Please join my site' or 'Go to my site.' If you receive a message along those lines, alert a moderator.

Clubs and Clans
Fan clubs/clans on any topic should not be advertised in the Website Development board or anywhere else. This is to prevent massive amounts of advertising topics from being created. Direct advertising of your club or clan by posting an URL in your signatures is also not allowed.

However, you are allowed indirect advertising. This means you can put "I am a member of X" or "Leader of Club/Clan X, PM for more info" in your signature without problems.

There are to be no topics about clans or clubs, about how much you hate them, about how much you like them, or about tournaments or discussions between them. Topics like this will be locked.

You can make a free message board for your clan or club using the following Message Board services:

Invision Free

Signature Limit:
-Unlike Crater, the signature limit here is 700 by 500 pixels.
-No pornography or hentai material allowed.

Bumping of Threads:
You may not post in a thread that has not been posted in for 30 days.

Report Rule-Breaking Posts:
If you ever see any posts that violate these rules, please report them by PMing the Admins or Mods. You can also report them by clicking the report button in their post.
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